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Wel come to Academic Year - 2017-18



         Started in a different style founded by Mr. B. Ravikanth, M.A., B.Ed. (92473 39486) with the inspiration of Shiv Khera’s words “Winners do not do different things, they do differently” with totally new concepts and handy, useful, and effective PACKAGES, mostly Photo Themes (Mementos). Every one want there must be a change in routine. This recharges the creative ideas of once. Particularly life as student must be brightened with new ideas. Examples, Play way methods, Puzzles, games, Cultural etc., are the interesting areas. We are not touching directly academics but in other way, i.e., 10 in One Basic Learners and Diamond Student Dairy etc. What ever the new introductions, ideas, Young, Dynamic and Energetic Team of ACC will discuss thoroughly and next go for Analysis. Only screened cream will come out with 80 to 90% success rate. Introduction, follow-up (for Analysis), Competitions and Prizes are our success mantras We have already entered Social Service also for betterment of society through student community.

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